Bruce Experiences: A Virtual Kimono Showcase

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 — 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Bruce Experiences: A Virtual Kimono Showcase 

Bruce Experiences: A Virtual Kimono Showcase - Via Zoom

In celebration of the exhibition, Floating Beauty: Women in the Art of Ukiyo-e, at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 20, the Bruce Museum will host an online kimono showcase led by Kaede Kimonos. Kaede​​​​ Kimonos​ is a NYC fashion consultancy specializing in Japanese kimonos. The virtual showcase via Zoom will begin with a visual description of kimono fashions in the Edo Period led by a top kimono stylist and teacher. There will then be a display of modern kimonos that draw on the Edo style. The program will end with a question-and-answer session. 

On view through November 1, Floating Beauty examines historical perspectives on women and their depiction in art in Edo Period Japan (1615 – 1858). Made up entirely of woodblock prints created in the ukiyo-e style, the exhibition highlights female characters in literature, kabuki theatre, and poetry; the courtesans and geisha of the Yoshiwara district; and wives and mothers from different social classes performing the duties of their station, in order to gain some insight into the lives of women in pre-modern Japan.

This is a free event. If you are able, please consider making a donation to the Bruce Museum Annual Fund. Your contribution will enable the Bruce to continue to offer quality programming for our community.  To register for Bruce Experiences: A Virtual Kimono Showcase, and to make a donation, click the reservations link below, or please phone: 203.869.0376 ext. 311 to make a reservation. Bruce Experiences is generously sponsored by Bank of America. - 

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Kaede Kimonos in collaboration with Kimono Experience presents Kimono Evolution. A presentation and discussion on Kimono. 

Nami Takagi- Rodman, Moderator

Nami was born and raised in Tokyo Japan and is the Senior Kimono Stylist and Dressing Instructor at Kaede Kimonos in Manhattan NYC.

Nami moved to the United States to pursue studying art in 2011. She is an experienced fashion and kimono stylist who has good taste of color coordination. Driven by her work at Kaede Kimonos, she takes pride in providing the best kimono dressing and color coordination service possible. As a licensed kimono stylist, her goal is to contribute in strengthening the cultural bridge between Japan and the United States and to support conventional art businesses.​

Segment 1

A brief survey from Moronobu (d. 1694) to Shinsui (1892 – 1972) on the kimono depicted in Ukiyo-e and the women who wore them. -  Karen J Mack CV, PhD Japanese Art History

Atomi University, Tokyo; Associate Professor.

Segment 2

Overview of Japanese Kimono and Obi: Comparing the unique obi tying style called “Hikinuki-musubi” in the late Edo era and the modern obi tying style called “Otaiko-musubi” demonstrated on video. - Emi Kikuchi certified Shihan (master) Kimono Teacher and Owner of Kimono Experience.

Segment 3: A short 2 part look at present kimono styling.

Taisho x film-noir – Logan Dobbs

A photo/video montage of some of male kimono coordinations, the places he's worn them, and some of his inspiration. 

Visual Depiction of Retro/Modern Kimono Style  – Marina Gurland

Presentation: Kimono Hime & Unconventional Contemporary – Marina Gurland

Marina will demonstrate the kimono hime style in addition to unconventional kimono ensembles. She will discuss appropriate places to wear them and share her kimono journey over the last 15 years.​

A contemporary and unconventional approach to modern kimono wearing.


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