Digital Weekends: Backyard Animals

Saturday, May 23, 2020 — 8:00am - 9:00am

Digital Weekends: Backyard Animals 

Lesson 9: Backyard Animals 


One of the best parts of visiting the Bruce Museum has long included viewing the diorama in our permanent science galleries. Inside the diorama is a woodland scene depicting what Greenwich looked like over 500 years ago. While things may not look the same today, many of the animals depicted in the diorama are still around. When exploring our diorama, you might see scenes of animals in their natural habitat and a wigwam. When you look in your backyard, you might see some of these animals if you’re lucky. Some of these animals include: rabbits, snakes, skunks, birds, and turkeys!

Dioramas are three dimensional models of an event, a landscape, or a specific place in time. Dioramas can be made in miniature or full scale. In a nature diorama, you will see different animals, seasons, times of day, and even weather. 

Thanks to the artists and scientists who create dioramas, we can still explore and learn from past environments captured through dioramas that preserve things like plants and animals, even after landscapes or habitats have changed. Some of the tools these artists and scientists use include everything from paint and paper to taxidermied animals.

 The Museum’s permanent science galleries are currently closed and being prepared for a new exhibition, but one thing is for certain: dioramas will still be a big part of the new permanent science exhibition being created. In particular a focus for the new permanent science galleries will include animals in our backyard. This Digital Weekends activity will get you thinking about the animals you see in your backyard. Now it is your turn to create a diorama.

Visit this link to read more about the exhibition: Changes in our Land
Visit this link to read more about the new exhibition: The New Bruce Science Galleries 

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