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One Museum Drive
Greenwich, CT 06830
Main Office Phone: (203) 869-6786
Fax:(203) 869-0963 

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Robert Wolterstorff, Executive Director & CEO

Listed Alphabetically

M. Brown, Manager of Youth and Family Programs, 203-413-6740

D. Buckley, Senior Exhibition Designer, 203-413-6751

B. Conelias, Development Department and Donor Relations Manager, 203-413-6745

A. Deus, Front Desk Manager,  203-869-6786 ext.311

Director of Finance, 203-413-7525 

K. Dzikiewicz, Science Curatorial Associate / Seaside Center Manager, 203-413-6747 

C. Flax, Manager of School & Community Partnerships, 203-413-6742

Sue Brown Gordon,  Festival Manager, 203-869-0376 ext. 336,

R. Hansen, Registrar, 203-413-6770,  

K. Holko, Manager of School and Tour Services, 203-413-6741

J. Hori, Visitor Services Associate, 203-869-6786 ext.311

C. Hyland, Membership and Annual Fund Manager, 203-413-6764

C. Jeffry, Head of Security, 203-413-6739

Dr. Daniel Ksepka, Curator of Science, 203-413-6755,

M. Lendenmann, Volunteer Manager/Digital Media Manager, 203-413-6746 

M. Levin, Special Events Manager, 203-413-6761

S. Lio, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director, 203-413-6766 

S. Lio, Interim Director of Marketing & Communications, 203-413-6766

J. Matteis, Retail Manager, 203-413-7523

R. Mesonjnik, Assistant to the Managing Director/COO, 203-413-6743 

S. Murtha, Exhibition Preparator, 203-413-6753 

B. Raymond, Accounting Manager, 203-413-7526 

K. Reichenbach, Assistant to Director/Board Liaison, 203-413-6731 

W. Lucas Rosenberg, Director of Development and Institutional Advancement, 203-413-6765 

L. Ruggieri,  Retail Associate, 203-869-6786 x314

K. E. Silver, Adjunct Curator

G. Strain, Facilities Supervisor, 203-413-7528

C. Taborda, Custodian, 203-413-7529

F. Taborda, Security, 203-869-6786, ext. 413

B. Tavrow, Campaign Manager, 203-413-6760

A. von Stuelpnagel, Director of Exhibitions, 203-413-6750,

T. Walsh, Collections Manager, 203-413-6767,

T. Warmington, Collections Associate

L Wyman, Development Department Assistant,  203-413-6763