Textile Collection

Silk evening gown
c. 1895
House of Worth

Wedding veil
Late 19th century
Belgian lace
Gift of Mrs. Patty Auchincloss, 2007.02

Imperial twelve-symbol yellow-ground embroidered dragon robe
Qing Dynasty, early 19th century
Gift of Madelyn Phillips O'Neil in memory of Dr. John C. Phillips, 78.06.01

Red-ground embroidered silk lady’s winter robe
Qing Dynasty, early 19th century
Gift of Mrs. Hawley T. Chester, 87.07.01

Shawl, Europe, 19th century. Wool twill. Gift of Mrs. J.J. Hills, Bruce Museum Collection 13664

The Bruce Museum holds an outstanding collection of ladies' gowns and accessories ranging from the 1830s to recent years, with an empahasis on late nineteenth-century garments. Many are American made, but there are also examples of French couture and Belgian lace.

Kashmir shawls from the collection date from the early to mid-19th century and several were given to the Bruce Museum by Greenwich families that passed them down from one generation to the next. Some of the shawls were produced in Kashmir, India, and the others came from European manufacturers.

Court robes from the Qing Dynasty form the nucleus of the Museum's Asian collection.