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Bruce Museum Career Internships

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Marketing and Communications Intern

The Bruce Museum, a historic institution located in Greenwich, Connecticut, seeks an intern for the spring/summer of 2020. The intern will work closely with the museum’s Director of Marketing and Communications to promote and maintain the well-established public view of the institution, broaden its reach and grow the numbers of visitors.

This internship provides a unique opportunity to understand how marketing and PR works and is essential in a non-profit institution. Independence and initiative make that the learning curve in this role is steep and a great future asset for students with Marketing and PR ambitions.


  • Ability to work independently
  • Organized and pays attention to detail
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
  • Comprehensive internet research skills
  • Well-written and able to manipulate tone for various applications
  • Able to manage several ongoing projects
  • From 3 to 5 days a week for a minimum of 3 months


  • Conduct general marketing research, such as digital advertising tactics and publications for certain demographics
  • Monitor media coverage and maintain ongoing press lists for museum events and general news
  • Edit and revise advertising copy, press releases, and any other marketing documents with the opportunity to provide input on marketing campaigns
  • Develop contact lists of new audiences and draft mass e-mail messages to new contacts
  • Examine and analyze visitor data to discover untapped demographics and new audiences
  • Work with the Marketing Director to develop a series of strategies/ projects to introduce new audiences to the museum
  • Work with Membership Associate to conserve membership base and acquire new members through planned contact
  • Design new concepts for lasting engagement with key stakeholders.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter asap to

Bruce Museum Career Internships

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Bruce Museum is not accepting applications for the Career Internship program. 

Internship position, Schedule varies

Career Internships are available for college and university students, are unpaid and are usually taken for credit.  Non-credit applications are accepted for those wanting to gain experience.

Application deadlines:
Applications for the Fall Semester (September-December) are due by August 1.
Applications for the Spring Semester (January-May) are due by December 1.
Applications for Summer posts are accepted beginning in January of each year and are due by April 1. 

Students applying to the Bruce Museum should submit the following information:
1. Career Internship Application 
2. Letter indicating how this internship at the Bruce Museum fits in with the student's preparation, experience and goals and the college department granting the credit.
3. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member who will act as the student's sponsor. (A letter of recommendation is required even if the internship is done for non-credit.) This should be sent directly by the faculty member. The sponsor acts as the administrator/facilitator any for college/university procedures required for the student to earn credit.

The number of individuals who will be able to participate during any one term will be limited.

Guidelines for Student Interns
The Museum suggests 120 hours of time per semester. However, this will vary according to the college requirements of each intern and the number of credit hours the college will allow the intern to earn.

Each student will be assigned to a Museum staff member whose expertise corresponds to the special interest indicated in the student's letter and application. Activities designed for college credit will be an accurate reflection of the normal daily work of the museum professional in the student's area of special interest.

No student will be paid for any work performed for college credit, and the Museum is not in the position to offer employment to interns upon completion of the academic term. Housing will not be available.

The areas of internship programs available at the Bruce Museum are:

Museum Administration/Development - available in the following departments:

  • Development and Fundraising: Special Events and Membership
  • Museum Marketing and Communications (also see listing above)

Curatorial - available in the following areas:

  • Natural Sciences
  • Digital Media
  • Collections Management - Registrar
  • Museum Education
  • Seaside Center Environmental Education - Summer only



Youth and Family Programs Internship at the Bruce Museum

Internship position, Available during the academic year September - June

Applications for the Sept - December semester are due by September 8th.
Applications for the January - May semester are due by January 15th. 

The Bruce Museum’s Youth and Family Programs Internship is designed for university or college students seeking to gain hands-on experience in a museum education setting. This internship is available during the academic year, September – June.  A minimum of 120 hours per semester is required with no more than 150 hours per semester. This is a paid internship with an hourly rate of $16.00. This position requires availability on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The exact details of the schedule will be worked out with the individual as the internship begins.

This internship will focus on providing opportunities for family engagement in an art and science museum. The intern will be working primarily with the Museum's Manager of Youth and Family Programs on a variety of projects related to the Museum’s family programming. The intern will experience key aspects of museum learning including: teaching from the object; working with multigenerational audiences; developing and leading family programs at the Museum.  While family programming is the internships primary focus, the intern may have the opportunity to work with school audiences through in-house school programs and the Museum’s outreach program – the Brucemobile.

Specific duties include: preparing materials for programming; interacting with visitors and groups through educational activities and tours; developing and implementing educational programs for various exhibitions; and evaluating educational programs and resources.

Experience in the following areas is preferred: museum education experience; experience supervising children; teaching experience; good written communication skills; public speaking skills; background in educational theory and practice; computer skills, word-processing; and basic office skills.

The Bruce Museum is a small institution and all staff members, as well as interns, are often called on to do any number of things such as assisting with public programs, basic office work, mailings, etc.

The internship will provide an introduction to standard museum practice and provide a hands-on experience in museum work. At the end of the internship period, the staff supervisor(s) will complete a Museum Intern Evaluation form. A copy of this evaluation will remain on file in the museum and copy will be forwarded to the intern and/or the faculty advisor. If the intern is seeking college credit and the college has similar forms or requests a report from the museum staff, the appropriate forms or information must be supplied well before the end of the internship period. Finally, the intern will complete an Exit Interview form evaluating the intern’s experience, which is to be submitted to Museum Staff and kept on file at the museum.

Application Deadlines:  Fall semester - October 1st.  Spring/Winter semester - TBD.
Education Internships are available only during the academic year, September – June.

Please include application form (click on link), current resume, and letter of interest.

Send to:
Bruce Museum
Youth And Family Programs Internship
1 Museum Drive
Greenwich, Connecticut 06830-7100

Or email Megan Brown, Manager of Youth and Family Programs: