Museum-Digital Based Programs

Bruce at Home

The Bruce Museum’s mission is to promote the understanding and appreciation of Art and Science to enrich the lives of all people.  To ensure the comfort and safety of visitors and staff in the galleries, we still plan to engage and interact with you through all of the channels available to us. This means that for the time being some of the Bruce Museum has gone digital.

Going forward, the digital programs and offerings that serve this mission will look different but will offer the same commitment to Art and Science as all of the Museum’s offerings.

Adult Offerings 

Bruce Museum Presents At Home with Dr. Louise Flax 

These classes will introduce you to new ways of looking at your artistic practice and add to your art arsenal, without requiring specialized materials. Watch for new lessons every other Monday, at If you have any questions please contact the Manager of School and Community Programs, Corinne Flax, at

At Home with Dr. Louise Flax: Drawing Practice

At Home with Dr. Louise Flax: Cardboard Cubism

At Home with Dr. Louise Flax: Painting Clouds and Skys

At Home with Dr. Louise Flax - Art Demo

At Home Art with Dr. Louise Flax: Creating Designs

At Home with Dr. Louise Flax - Concentric and Radial Designs

Bruce Museum Presents At Home with Dr. Louise Flax  - Popcorn - Exploring Technique

At Home with Dr. Louise Flax: Experimenting with Three Dimensional Drawing

At Home with Dr. Louise Flax: Opposite Colors For Epic Skylines

Collection Favorites: 

Museum staff is sharing their thoughts, historical detail, and context fun facts; about their favorite objects from the Bruce Museum Collection. Find these brief postings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The series can also be found on this page on our website. - Online here.

Exhibition Favorites:

In this online series on Instagram, which debuted on Sunday, staff and Museum docents revisit past exhibitions and explore what made them so memorable. Docent Becky Gillan starts us off with a fond look back at the popular annual iCreate exhibition of emerging high school student artists. iCreate 2019

Need a little Bruce Museum right this very minute? Below is a list of Bruce Museum offerings that you can access from home:

Pre-recorded lectures are available here. - YouTube Online here, and Vimeo Online here.

Family Programs

These new online programs will offer the same commitment to promoting the understanding and appreciation of Art and Science as all of the Museum’s regular programs and events. Some of the features now available online include:

Bruce at Home Family Activities:

Digital Weekends with the Bruce

Miss weekend family programs at the Bruce? Digital Weekends with the Bruce are fun, hands-on art and science projects for you and your family! Over the next several weekends, teaching artist Grayson Kennedy and Youth and Family Programs Manager Megan Brown will lead you in an online activity based on exhibitions at the Bruce Museum. Use the linked videos and write-ups to make something fun and creative while you’re home. 

Digital Weekends Lesson 11


Digital Weekend Lesson 1

A Lesson in 1-pt perspective


Digital Weekend Lesson 2

A Lesson in Animal Anatomy


Digital Weekend Lesson 3

A Lesson in drawing a house


Digital Weekend Lesson 4

A Lesson in : Collecting Reimagined: a 2D Curiosity Cabinet Details


Digital Weekend Lession 5

A Lesson in: April Showers - Create a Landscape that reflects the rainy days of April.


Digital Weekend Lession 6

A Lesson in: Wild Bees


Digital Weekend Lesson 7

A Lesson in Assemblage Art


Digital Weekend Lesson 8

Pressed for Time


Digital Weekend Lesson 9

Backyard Animals


Digital Weekends Lesson 10

Comic Art


What A Shell Can Tell Activity

Summer beach explorations are here! Today we’re celebrating #WhatAShellCanTell by @drhelenscales, a new kids’ book all about the wonders of shells (from seashells to land snails) published by @PhaidonPress. Starting with a friendly question-and-answer format, she explores, through a richly sensory experience, the incredible diversity of shells around the world and showcases the environments mollusks inhabit. Dive into beach adventures with this book and accompanying activity kit. 



K-12 Learning

Lesson Plan for House on The Hill

The virtual exhibition is complemented by a Bruce at Home activity for young learners. Click here for this engaging lesson in how to conduct historical research.


Seaside Saturdays

 A series of educational pamphlets and activities released as part of the Seaside Center’s Digital 2020 Season.





Click the lesson icon for the PDF lesson plan.

Wild Wednesdays 

Lesson 1

Week 1: Introduction to Back Yard Birding


Click here for Bird Notes Page

Bird coloring page click here

Lesson 2

Week 2: Soundscape Mapping, By Hara Woltz

Lesson 3

Week 3:  Pollination Appreciation

Lesson 4

Week 4: Pollinators: Spotlight on Bees By Hara Woltz

Lesson 5

Week 5: Plant Parts

Lesson 6: Getting to Know Trees

At Home STEAM Activities From the Bruce Museum

The Bruce Museum is closed to the public to help combat the spread of coronavirus in our community and beyond.  During this time, Manager of School and Community Programs, Corinne Flax has created weekly STEAM activities for families with children at home.

These weekly activities will focus on basic STEAM concepts. Learners will get the chance to design, test, modify, experiment, hypothesize and much more. 

A little about the series, At Home STEAM Activities: 

●     The series is for children ranging from 1st-5th grade.  Each activity can take as little as 30 minutes or as much as an entire afternoon, depending on the interest level of your learners.  

●     All lessons will start with using a Science Journal.  Your learner doesn’t need to write in their journal; pictures are a great source of information. The first lesson in the series has a tutorial on how to make a journal.

●      Most of the activities need little or no adult supervision but make your own best judgment. 

●      All activities come with a list of materials, a step by step instruction list, and are compliant with NGSS Learning Expectations.  NGSS Learning Expectations can be found at the end of the instructional section. 

Most materials are common household items; substitutions will be suggested for items that are less common.  

Click the lesson icon for the PDF lesson plan.










Click the lesson icon for the PDF lesson plan.

Chemistry Vocabulary Words List


Digital Bruce Beginnings

This program, for children ages 3 through 5 and their caregivers, will be led by a museum educator and include a discussion of one of the Museum's online exhibitions, a related storybook, and suggestions of interactive activities for adults and kids can do together. Enjoy!

Digital Bruce Beginnings: The Beach

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Koinobori


Digital Bruce Beginnings: Juxtaposition

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Toucan

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Fourth of July

Digital Bruce Beginnings: The Amazon Rainforest

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Juneteenth

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Summer Weather

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Prints ( In Spanish)

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Summer

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Stories

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Bees

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Summer (In Spanish)

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Butterfly

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Earth Day

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Pollinators

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Shapes and Lines

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Spring Flowers

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Spring

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Flowers

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Art Tools

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Blubber

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Ringgold

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Basquiat

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Valentine's Day

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Landscapes

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Ice

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Buildings

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Snowflakes

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Rainbows - Spanish

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Camouflage

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Color Theory

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Snow

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Color and Emotions

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Winter

Digital Bruce Beginnings: We Are Grateful - Native American Foods - Native American Heritage Month

Digital Bruce Beginnings: We Are Grateful - Native American Heritage Month

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Teeth

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Kimonos

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Waves

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Lots of Leaves

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Community

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Falling for Fall

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Building

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Don't Bug Me!

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Construction

Digital Bruce Beginnings: At the Beach

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Tools

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Animal Tracks

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Colors

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Tail Time

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Shapes

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Rock Out

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Favorite Foods

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Butterflies!

Digital Bruce Beginnings: We Are All Artists

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Colorful Animals

Digital Bruce Beginnings: This Old House

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Be An Artist

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Day and Night

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Love Landscapes

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Colorful Chameleons

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Acting Out with Art

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Funny Frogs

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Artistic Imagination

Digital Bruce Beginnings: Dinosaurs