Dimensions in Dining - Bruce Museum Benefit is Fabulous Success

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Pamela Fiori

Dr. Savio L.C. Woo

David Bouley

George Sape

Robert A.M. Stern

David Salle

Kiki Smith

Ray Dalio

George M. Taber

Sixteen leaders across the dimensions of fashion, architecture, film, food and wine, science, media, finance, design and the arts participated in unique and glamorous dining evenings to benefit the Bruce Museum. Dimensions in Dining, named and organized by co-chairs Pamela Lewanda, Leora Levy, and Linda Munger, featured a series of 11 intimate, elegant dinners in private homes throughout Greenwich over three nights in early November.

The list of star-studded guest luminaries included Town&Country Editor-at-Large Pamela Fiori; molecular human genetics and gene therapy expert Dr. Savio L.C. Woo; culinary genius David Bouley with wine expert George Sape; world-renowned architect Robert A.M. Stern; artists Kiki Smith and David Salle; founder and president of one of the world'€™s largest hedge funds Ray Dalio; acclaimed wine author George M. Taber; author and screenplay writer Cheryl Howard and her husband, Academy Award-winning producer-director Ron Howard; artist E.V. Day and her husband, cookbook author Ted Lee; fashion designer Ralph Rucci; and producer and president of Disney Theatrical Group Thomas Schumacher and internationally known designer and author Matthew White.

"€œIn planning Dimensions in Dining, we hoped the vast array of dinners would give museum friends opportunities to spend fascinating evenings with prestigious leaders in many fields of interest,"€ said event chairs Lewanda, Levy and Munger. "€œOur hosts each provided exquisite and welcoming homes, and the special guests gave people a glimpse into their worlds -- their challenges, their accomplishments, their exasperations and their commitments to their areas of expertise. Each evening provided a special opportunity to discuss current trends with those at the pinnacle of their professions. But ultimately, each evening supported the Bruce Museum, which is a treasure for the entire metropolitan region," the chairs said.

"€œDimensions in Dining was a resounding success in its inaugural year, thanks to all the efforts of our volunteer leadership, the generosity and gracious elegance of our hosts, and stimulating presence of our renowned guests,"€ said Peter C. Sutton, Bruce Museum Executive Director. "€œThe dinners were sumptuous, the parties companionable and the conversation sparkling -- one couldn'€™t ask for a better outcome! Truly a triumph."€

Dimensions in Dining was a fabulously successful event. Proceeds will support the Bruce Museum'€™s initiatives in student education as well as world-class art and science exhibitions.

In the Spirit of Capri
Hosts: Tiffany Burnette and Don Casturo
Guest of Honor: Pamela Fiori

Pushing the Frontier
Host: Myrna Haft
Guest of Honor: Dr. Savio L. C. Woo

2010: A Taste Odyssey
Hosts: Leora and Steven Levy, Linda and Stephen Munger
Guests of Honor: David Bouley and George Sape

A Perfectly Structured Evening
Host: Helen Nitkin
Guest of Honor: Robert A. M. Stern

An Evening of Artful Surprises
Hosts: Jennifer and David Stockman, Irene and Carl Zelinsky
Guests of Honor: David Salle and Kiki Smith

A Principled Repast
Hosts: Patricia and John Chadwick
Guest of Honor: Ray Dalio

An Elegant Tribute to the Beauty of Wine
Hosts: Lucy and Nat Day
Guest of Honor: George M. Taber

An Evening with Cheryl & Ron Howard
Hosts: Alicia and Ray Joslin
Guests of Honor: Cheryl and Ron Howard

A Pairing of Arts
Hosts: Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou
Guests of Honor: E.V. Day and Ted Lee

A Fashionable Feast
Hosts: Alease and Paul Tallman, Nancy and Walter Raquet
Guest of Honor: Ralph Rucci

An Evening of Drama & Design
Hosts: Anna and Larry Simon
Guests of Honor: Thomas Schumacher and Matthew White

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Ron Howard

Cheryl Howard

E.V. Day

Ted Lee

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