Divided Light and Color: American Impressionist Landscapes - Images

Matilda Browne (American, 1869–1947)
August Morning, c. 1919
Oil on canvas, 24 x 32 in.
Bruce Museum 00026

Childe Hassam (American, 1859–1935)
The Mill Pond, Cos Cob, 1902
Oil on canvas, 26 ¼ x 18 ¼ in.
Bruce Museum 94.25
Anonymous Gift

Theodore Robinson (American, 1852–1896)
Apple Blossoms, 1880
Oil on canvas, 8 x 12 ¾ in.
Bruce Museum 2006.42

George Wharton Edwards (American, 1869-1950)
The River Road, 1918–19
Oil on canvas, 25 x 29 in.
Bruce Museum 00028

Walter McEwen (American, 1860–1943)
Hudson River Landscape, Day
Oil on canvas, 18 x 24–1/4 in.
Bruce Museum
Museum Purchase in Honor of Ned Stiles. 2004.07.01

John Henry Twachtman (American, 1853–1902)
Grey Day, 1887–88
Oil on panel, 15 ¾ x 20 in.
Bruce Museum 2007.06
Museum Purchase with funds donated by: Carl and Marsha Hewitt, Nancy and Lee Barnes, Joel and Lois Coleman, Carol and George Crapple, Nat and Lucy Day, Myrna R. Haft, Susan E. Lynch, Susan and Bill Mahoney, Ruth and Harold Newman, Leah and Robert Rukeyser, Beverly and John Watling, and an anonymous donor

Leonard Ochtman (American, 1854–1934)
On the Mianus River
Bruce Museum 82.08.02

Henry Bill Selden (American, 1886–1934)
Stony Brook
Bruce Museum 84.01

Wilson Irvine (American, 1869–1936)
An Old Rail Fence, Old Lyme
Oil on canvas, 20 x 24 in.
Bruce Museum 97.135