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Monolophosaurus attacking Tuojiangosaurus

Chinasaurs: Dinosaur Discoveries from China

January 26, 2013 - April 21, 2013

Since the first paleontological expedition to Mongolia by Roy Chapman Andrews of the American Museum of Natural History in the 1920s, the allure of discovering exotic Asian dinosaurs has been every dinosaur paleontologists’ dream. Since then, dinosaurs from China have been unearthed, revealing their relationships to birds as evidenced by the presence of feathers alongside their scales. 

Several of most spectacular of these dinosaurs are coming to the Bruce Museum beginning January 26, 2013. 

Chinasaurs: Dinosaur Discoveries from China welcomes visitors to walk among the skeletons, skulls, nests and eggs of more than a dozen of these rare Asian dinosaurs.

From the huge 30-foot long, meat-eating Yangchuanosaurus to the gazelle-sized plant eaters such as Psittacosaurus, the prehistoric fossils of the Far East provide an exciting experience for dinosaur enthusiasts.

Chinasaurs offers a glimpse of the unprecedented evolution of dinosaurs and their dominance over the world for more than 155 million years.

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