May 14, 2016 - November 6, 2016

Developed by The Franklin Institute, Electricity brings the science and history of electricity to life through engaging interactives including Plasma Tubes, Jumping Rings, Solenoid, and Jacob's Ladder.  Visitors will learn the fundamental principles behind electricity such as magnetic fields, electric charges, and battery technology. Sparks will fly (safely) as museum-goers examine concepts such as static electricity, attraction and repulsion, sparking, magnetic motion. 

Crowd pleasing favorites include the lightning tendrils of purple, pink, and blue extended by the Plasma Tube and the Jumping Ring,which allows guests to wield electrical discharge, repelling a ring into the air.  Visitors will learn how flowing currents relate to magnetic fields and how their own body can become a battery.  The exhibition also highlights the applications and uses of electricity, how electricity gets into your home, sustainability, and safety.

The exhibiton is supported by Amica Insurance, Gabelli Funds, Patdo Light Studio, and the Charles M. and Deborah G. Royce Exhibition Fund.