Formation of Our Land

To understand the formation of this region, we must develop a different sense of space and time spanning thousand of miles and millions of years. We must imagine changes beyond our perception, of continents moving, mountains uplifting and eroding, of canyons slowly being carved by water, glaciers advancing and retreating. We must follow the slow, gradual change of life's evolution, of plants and animals adapting to changing environments or disappearing into extinction. Occasionally we may experience violent evidence of the slow changes of ongoing natural cycles in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and forest fires. Such events remind us that we are somehow a part of the continuing process of change.

Youth volunteers from the New York School for the Deaf and Youth Committee volunteers collaborated to produce videos in American Sign Language interpreting the museum's permanent science exhibits. Bruce Museum ASL Project videos are produced by youth volunteers from the New York School for the Deaf and Greenwich High School.

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