Nocturnal forest

Sonoran Desert diorama

Kentucky limestone karst cave

In the Dark: Animal Survival Strategies

January 25, 2014 - April 13, 2014

In this immersive, entertaining, and family-friendly exhibition, people of all ages will discover how animals adapt to living in the dark.

Sometimes scary, but always intriguing, darkness beckons exploration.

Explore four different environments – fragile caves, deep soil, and the forest and desert at night—to discover the unique and unusual ways that organisms have adapted to living without light.

The show features natural dioramas of caves, deep soil, nighttime forest and desert, along with mechanical, electronic and digital interactives.

In the Dark is organized by the Cincinnati Museum Center.

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Generously supported by

Patdo Light Studio 

The Charles M. and Deborah G. Royce Exhibition Fund