Life Between the Tides

Bruce Museum's Permanent Science Galleries will be closing February 2, 2020, for a complete renovation and reinvention. 

The coast of Connecticut is a land dominated by the movement of water. The land changes daily with the tides, seasonally with the climate, and over the years with changing water and nutrient levels. The intertidal areas along the shore are composed mostly of glacial drift, rocky ledges, artificial fill and bulkheads, a few sandy beaches, mudflats and about 15,000 acres of salt marsh. These areas are home to an amazing array of plants and animals.

In this space, visitors can encounter marine creatures in our 500 gallon Long Island Sound marine tank. Throughout the season a rotating cast of crabs, fish, snails, and starfish are on view. Live feeding demonstrations are available at the marine tank on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2:30-245pm.