Bruce Presents: The Art of the Extinct – A Conversation with Paleoartists Jason Brougham and Gabriel Ugueto

Bruce Presents

The Art of the Extinct 

A Conversation with Paleoartists Jason Brougham and Gabriel Ugueto


Gabriel Ugueto, a Miami-based scientific illustrator, and Jason Brougham in his studio.


GREENWICH, CT, April 21, 2022 – Dinosaurs have not roamed the earth for millions of years, the only indication of their existence revealed by fossilized remains discovered centuries later. Through the dedication of scientists and paleontological artists, we can envision these dinosaurs as if they still walked among us. This month, the Bruce Museum will delve into how artists are able to reconstruct the likeness of these prehistoric creatures during Bruce Presents: The Art of the Extinct. This time, moderator and Bruce Presents Co-Producer Leonard Jacobs will interview Gabriel Ugueto, a Miami-based scientific illustrator, and Jason Brougham, a paleontological artist and sculptor behind the Bruce Museum’s very own model Dilophosaurus (a dinosaur once native to North America). 

Bruce Presents: The Art of the Extinct – A Conversation with Paleoartists Jason Brougham and Gabriel Ugueto will take place via Zoom on Thursday, May 5, at 7:00 pm EST.  


Gabriel Ugueto is a scientific illustrator, paleoartist, and herpetologist based in Miami, Florida. He studied graphic design and illustration but grew up loving reptiles and amphibians. For several years, he worked on the systematics and taxonomy of the South American herpetofauna as an independent herpetologist researcher. He has authored numerous papers, including describing several new species of neotropical lizards and various taxonomic revisions. Gabriel began his career as a scientific and natural history illustrator, but his passion for extinct animals made his transition into paleoart a natural one. His work reflects the latest scientific hypotheses about the external appearance and behavior of the animals that he reconstructs. He has contributed art to various academic papers and paleontological press releases, such as describing the Troodontid dinosaur Hesperornithoides. He has produced artwork for numerous publishers, most recently creating many illustrations for a series of seven books written by Professor Ben Garrod, which tell the story of the major mass extinctions on Earth. His illustrations have also appeared in numerous magazines, including National Geographic Magazine. His artwork is exhibited in several institutions worldwide, among them the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle. He has contributed illustrations and concept art to various online and TV projects for clients like Science Friday and the BBC.

Jason Brougham has been an Exhibit Preparator at the American Museum of Natural History since 1998. He is an anatomical sculptor and illustrator who researches maniraptoran dinosaurs with a special concentration on the origin and evolution of birds. In 2011 He received the John J. Lanzendorf Paleoart Prize for Two-Dimensional Art from the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology. He studied comparative morphology under Dr. Carl Gans at the University of Michigan and earned an MFA at Indiana University. He has collaborated with and learned from prominent paleontologists and paleoartists including Mark Norell, John Flynn, Xu Xing, Julia Clarke, John Hutchinson, Hall Train, Stephen Gatesy, Farish Jenkins, Dan Ksepka, Alan Turner, Stephen Brusatte, Jonah Choiniere, Sterling Nesbitt, Lowell Dingus, Jacques Gauthier, Dan Brinkman, Jakob Vinther, Matthew Shawkey, Mick Ellison, and Carl Mehling. His work has appeared in numerous museum exhibitions, Natural History and Discover magazines, the New York Times, and on the television programs NOVA and National Geographic Explorer. He illustrated the book Inside Dinosaurs (Inside Series) for the AMNH and Sterling Publishing.

The event is the 27th installment of the Bruce Museum’s acclaimed speaker series, Bruce Presents: Thought Leaders in the Fields of Art and Science. Support for Bruce Presents is generously provided by Berkley One, a Berkley Company.

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