Board of Trustees & Museum Council


Board of Trustees 2022-2023

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Sue Moretti Bodson

Fred Camillo

Patricia W. Chadwick

Stephen Corman

Maurice J. Cunniffe

William Deutsch

Kathy C. Epstein

Vicki Netter Fitzgerald

Ellen A. Flanagan

Rebecca Gillan

Erin Glasebrook

Sachiko T. Goodman

John C. Hart

Tracy Bishop Holton

Karen S. Keegan

Felicity Kostakis

Michael A. Kovner

Nisha Kumar

Robert H. Lawrence, Jr.

Kamie Lightburn

James B. Lockhart III

Susan E. Lynch

Simone McEntire

Kathleen L. Metinko

Chris Wolfe Nichols

Julia Balaeskoul Nusseibeh

Dan Ozizmir

Nicole Reynolds

Charles M. Royce

Laurie Rubin

Betsey Ruprecht

Bob Selander

Anne C. Sherrerd

Deborah Simon

Heidi Brake Smith

Judith K. Stein, MD

Angela Timashev

Alexis Voulgaris

Jacqueline Adler Walker

Robert Wolterstorff

David Yudain

Martha R. Zoubek

Museum Council

2021-2022 Co-Chairs – Nancy Duffy and Susan Mahoney with Board Liaison Kathy Epstein

Mission: The Bruce Museum Council serves as a body of advocates and ambassadors for the Museum to the larger community on artistic, scientific, political and external affairs issues.

Goals: The members will advise the administration and help build the widest possible consensus for the Museum's initiatives. Members will cultivate collectors who may wish to donate works of art and scientific objects of importance to the Museum and will present the case for the Bruce's growth and development to wider constituencies. Further, they will identify candidates recommended to the Governance Committee for future Trusteeships.

Members: Current and past chairmen and presidents of the Bruce Museum Inc. Board and distinguished individuals who have held leadership positions at the Museum or in the community will be invited to join the Council. The Council will gather approximately four times a year. An annual leadership gift will be requested.

Term: Other than the Honorary category, Members will continue for a term of one year, renewable annually with majority consent of the Governance Committee.

Annual dues for the Museum Council at $2,500 ($2,300 deductible) and include a one-year Patron level membership. Participation on the Museum Council is by invitation.

Please contact Becky Conelias, Associate Director of Development, at 203-413-6745 or or Whitney Lucas Rosenberg, Director of Development and Institutional Advancement, at 203-413-6765 or if you would like to receive more information.

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