The Museum’s history collection focuses primarily on American material culture spanning from the colonial period to the present day. Encompassing some 7,000 objects, the collection includes books, cast-iron mechanical banks, ceramics, currency, glassware, jewelry, musical instruments, needlework, photographs, scrimshaw, tools, toys, wartime and political ephemera, weaponry, woodcarvings (including rare Connecticut duck decoys), and an extensive collection of meerschaum pipes and other tobacco-related paraphernalia. Of note, the Museum houses objects associated with Ernest Thompson Seton and the Woodcraft Indians, and a robust collection of archival material related to artists Leonard, Mina, and Dorothy Ochtman.

American Fractional Currency

American Fractional Currency, 1862–1863, Paper, Bruce Museum, Gift of Jeanne C. Howes and Charles Howes, 2018.22.18

Aryballos Vase

Aryballos Vase, 600–550 B.C.E. Ceramic Bruce Museum, Gift of Mrs. R. Lawrence Oakley, 75.03.13

Binocular Microscope

Binocular Microscope, Spencer Lens Co. (Buffalo, NY), n.d. Cast iron and glass Bruce Museum, Gift of John Ripley Forbes, Natural Science for Youth Foundation, 85.31.03.k

Embroidery Sampler

Embroidery Sampler, 1884 Linen, Bruce Museum, Gift of Adelaide M. Weed, 00339.10

Glazed Volkmar Vase

Leon Gambetta Volkmar (American, 1879–1959), Glazed Volkmar Vase, 1915, Ceramic ,Bruce Museum, Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hack, 2009.05

Herculeanus pennsylvanicus

Paul Griswold Howes (American, 1892–1984), Herculeanus pennsylvanicus, Slide 338, 1936, Glass negative Bruce Museum, 2017.01.10

Horsehead Meerschaum Pipe

Gustave Fischer (Austrian, circa 1846–1937) , Horsehead Meerschaum Pipe, circa late 19th–early 20th century, Bruce Museum, Gift of U.S. Tobacco Company,

Jewelry Set, circa 1860

Jewelry Set, circa 1860, Gold and seed pearl, Bruce Museum, Gift of Adrianne Reilly, 88.20.02

Lacquer Obi Sash Box (Inro)

Lacquer Obi Sash Box (Inro), 19th century Lacquered wood, silk, ivory, and glass, Bruce Museum, Gift of George N. Morgan, 13567

Mechanical Bank

Mechanical Bank, circa 1910 Cast iron Bruce Museum, Gift of Samuel Pryor, 80.34.300

Painted Davis Mill Shingle,

Artist unknown Painted Davis Mill Shingle, 1705 Cedar Bruce Museum, Gift of George M. Kalb, 00331.01

Sèvres Chocolate Set

Sèvres Chocolate Set, circa 1848 Gilt porcelain Bruce Museum, Gift of Mrs. Robert Goetz and Mrs. Hugh Bullock, 68.29.01-.06

Trick Dog ,mechanical bank from the early 20th century

Trick Dog ,mechanical bank from the early 20th century, cast iron, Gift of aviation pioneer Samuel Pryor, Bruce Museum Collection

Wind-up Toy

Louis Marx and Company, Wind-up Toy, n.d. Tin, paint, and cardboard Bruce Museum, Gift of Frank E. Larson, Robert K. Larson and Alice Larson Ennis in Memory of Frank S. Larson, 96.13.23

WWI Propaganda Poster

Artist unknown, WWI Propaganda Poster, 1917 Lithograph Bruce Museum, Gift of Elizabeth Hyde Brownell, 90.14.09

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